Lots Of Tutoring

I’m the grader/tutor for a programming course at my university and I had more students come see me today than I had students come see me during the whole last semester. About 9 students came to see me and all I could think of was: “Holy cow, how am I going to manage this?”

Weird Bread

More than 6 weeks ago, I opened a bag of bread. I ate a couple of slices and went on a 2 week vacation. When I came back, to my surprise, there wasn’t any mold on the bread. I didn’t eat from it, but my sister thought it would be interesting to just leave it there to see if some mold shows up eventually. Well, it’s been 6 weeks and still no mold. Who knows what they’ve put in that bread and how genetically modified it is. I just don’t trust bread that hasn’t molded after weeks of just lying there.

The Surreal Life

Since I didn’t have much to do yesterday night, I decided to watch the surreal life after a friend of mine notified me that the season premier was airing on VH1. I watched part of the last season and found the show to be very retarded and absurd. Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time.