The Surreal Life

Since I didn’t have much to do yesterday night, I decided to watch the surreal life after a friend of mine notified me that the season premier was airing on VH1. I watched part of the last season and found the show to be very retarded and absurd. Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time.

This has to be the most retarded and absurd show I’ve ever seen. But it was funny as hell.

The funniest things were:

  • Chyna taking the room that was meant for Mini Me. This brought up a whole discussion and Mini Me was pretty pissed and didn’t feel like compromising.
  • Mini Me getting drunk and doing weird stuff like moaning in his bed and driving around the house naked in his scooter while eventually peeing in the gym.

The other parts I liked was when the two girls (I forgot their names, one is a washed up singer from some old band and the other is the winner of some reality TV modelling contest) went skinny dipping. Too bad it had to be censored. I’m also looking forward to the next show though.

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  2. December 17th, 2015 | 3:38 pm

    hahaha .. dunno why hor, when talking abt beakafrst hor, the first thing pop up in my mind is bread .. hahahaha oh .. oats i think urs is much healthier than mine lor .. hahaha ..i wanna have cornflakes tomorrow .. hahahahaha ..

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