You Know That Feeling

It’s a feeling where you mind is blank (or full) and you don’t feel like writing a paper that is due tomorrow and that the teacher assigned 2 weeks ago. This is the zillionth time it’s happening to me, and everytime I keep telling myself “that it’s the last time I’m slacking like this.” Next thing you know, another paper is due and you haven’t done shit during the last weeks. Yup, happened again to me today.


Google added a little project to their labs today: GoogleX. I think it’s pretty cool and doesn’t use that much JavaScript. I think Google should one day make something like that the default since they’ve managed to cram in 11 links, compared to the 7 links that are on the Google homepage now. But I doubt they’ll ever put this on the homepage, Apple would probably sue :). But Apple’s patents might only extend to operating systems and applications and not web applications. Also, instead of having the user taken to another page when they click on an icon, they could make the changes dynamic in the page (e.g. change the action of the search button to match a different type of query).

Update: Google removed GoogleX without any notice or explanation. I’m assuming Apple asked them to remove it. This is the behavior I can’t stand from Apple. They always have to be party poopers. Lighten up for once.