Gmail Now Has 2 GB+

When Gmail announced yesterday that they were adding 2 GB, they added a nifty counter on the homepage. That counter keeps on going even thought it passed the 2 GB. This is in sync with what Georges Harik told CNET on Thursday. I took a peek at the JavaScript code for the counter, and found out that the quota is increased by 1 MB every 24,912 seconds or every 6 hours 55 minutes and 12 seconds. The next milestone, 2075 MB, will happen on Saturday, April 9th 2005, 16:00:00 (GMT). If the quota keeps increasing at that rate, we should reach 3000 MB in about 23,666,400 seconds which corresponds to Sunday, January 1st 2006, 9:00:00 (GMT) :).

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