Is This Love?

I’m someone who likes to have a fast PC. If my PC is sluggish then I will get frustrated. If I get frustrated then bad things will happen to the people around me (or not).

I was taking a look at Gentoo today and boy did I get excited. I’ve known about Gentoo for a while now, but I never actually bothered knowing what made this Linux distro different from the others. So today I decided to read the Gentoo Handbook. You have the option of actually compiling the whole OS for your PC’s processor. For heaven’s sake, you can even choose the cylinder where you want a partition to start! I had a boner. Ok, so I didn’t really have a boner, but I was really excited about the flexibility that Gentoo offers. This is exactly what I’ll need for my future server. I’ll try installing Gentoo on my test PC during my one week break between spring and summer. I love a challenge.

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