All Roads Lead To MSN

I like MSN Messenger and I use it everyday. I just downloaded MSN 7.0 which came out of beta a couple of hours ago. I really like this version as it fixes a lot of things and adds many new features.

I couldn’t help but notice that for some reason all roads lead to MSN. Of course they should lead to MSN, but in previous versions it wasn’t as obvious as it is now. For example, if you turn on the “What I’m Listening To” feature, a link will show up of the music that you are currently listening to. Clicking on it will send you to…MSN Music (if you guessed it right, you get a cookie). Another example, if you open your “Contact Card”, there is a link to MSN Spaces, Microsoft’s recently launched blog-type service. Also, in the conversation window, there is a search button under the send button. You can enter a term, and when you click on search, you are presented with search results from…you’ve guessed it…MSN Search (yet another cookie for you).
MSN seems to want to make more money off of MSN Messenger. But I find it to be kinda too “in you face” to the point that it’s annoying.

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