Installing Gentoo

I’m installing the Gentoo 2005.0 release on a test machine. It’s been two and a half hours since the start of the installation.

The Linux 2.6 kernel is compiling at this moment and it’s been compiling for about 20 minutes. The machine is a slow one, so it’s totally understandable that it’s taking so much time (it’s a 400 Mhz Pentium II). The Gentoo installation process isn’t very hard, it’s just time consuming, but don’t try installing it without reading the Gentoo Handbook if you don’t know what you are doing. This is my first time installing Gentoo, so I followed the handbook step by step. I only made one minor mistake, but I managed to fix it. Let’s see if I can get this thing running by tonight. Even if I don’t manage to install KDE or Gnome, just getting the kernel to boot would be great 🙂

Update: I’m done installing Gentoo, now I just need to add KDE or Gnome. I think I’m gonna go with KDE.

Update: It took me 4 hours total to install Gentoo using stage3. Neither Gnome nor KDE was installed, so I had no GUI, only a command prompt. It’s 12:03am and I finally got Gnome to work. For some reason, KDE choked during the qt installation, so it aborted the KDE installation. I’ll try installing KDE again later. I need some sleep now.

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