The Future Of Cellphones

The future of cellphones seems to be music phones.

These will probably end up replacing mp3 players. Why? Because I go everywhere with my cellphone, but I don’t necessarily go everywhere with my CD Player or mp3 player. Two years ago, I bought a Nokia 7210 and I absolutely loved it. One of my favorite features was it’s ability to play FM radio, something you didn’t see too often in phones (and something you may still not see too often in phone — I don’t know for sure since I no longer follow cellphone trends). So if I can get a cellphone that can also hold about 1,000 songs, and is affordable ($200-$300), then I will definitely choose that over an mp3 play like the iPod. Why? Because I go everywhere with my cellphone (I know. I repeated myself, but that’s one hell of an argument in my opinion).

Looky here. Three GB HDD, plays MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG…I want that 🙂

Samsung SGH-i300

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