Kill target=”_blank”

Why do people still use target=”_blank” for links? Why!? I hate it. It should be killed, put on fire and buried never to be used in a webpage ever again. It’s annoying to have a new window open without me wanting one to open. This is why my website is target=”_blank”-free.

Weekly Satire News 1

A satiric look at the week’s news. Top stories this week:

  • >> Dumarsais Siméus authorized to participate in Haitian Presidential elections
  • >> Aristide to be placed under heavy security
  • >> Saddam Hussein trial starts
  • >> Hurricane Wilma heading towards Florida



Lately a lot of my time has been dedicated to one thing: programming. But it started 4 years ago…

C++ Tip: Forward Declaration

Yesterday I managed to solve something that was bugging me for some time now in my project. I thought it couldn’t be done in C++.

I Hate Compilers

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my Windowing classes that I’m writing in order to more easily write Win32 apps. I’ve restarted the project only once since I wrote the last entry.