I Hate Compilers

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my Windowing classes that I’m writing in order to more easily write Win32 apps. I’ve restarted the project only once since I wrote the last entry.

The main reason for restarting it was a reorganisation that I though would make more sense. It also more closely resembles the Java Swing library. So why do I make it look at much as possible like the Java Swing library? One reason is that I’m very used to writing GUI apps in Java, so I’m looking to make it as familiar to me as possible. I also like how the AWT and Swing library are organised, it makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve also found a name for the classes that I’m writing. I’ll let everyone know the name once I maybe start a SourceForge project.

Anyway, the reason for this entry is that I hate compilers. Right until yesterday, I’ve only been compiling everything using MinGW 3.4.2. Yesterday I tried compiling it in Visual C++ 7.1. I got a lot of warnings and errors (more than I could count). I fixed all of the errors and now I’m left with 2 warnings…oh wait…lemme put it on warning level 4. My 3 warnings are now 15 warnings. I’ll eventually look at all of these warnings and fix them. But compiling my project in VC7.1 made me realise that MinGW wasn’t showing me any warnings. So I figured out how to have it show me warnings, which I fixed. Most of the warnings had to do with integer conversions and comparing signed and unsigned integers.

Either way, I doubt I’ll pay that much attention to compiler warnings, though I will fix them if they’re obvious. I remember seeing compiler warnings when I was compiling my Linux kernel, so why should I worry about warnings in my little program 😉 (I’m joking of course, I don’t need anyone commenting saying that I’m a sloppy programmer. I try writing the best code I can with the knowledge I have on a language. If I know that a particular piece of code is not the correct way of doing it, then I will do it in the correct way).

Update: I forgot to say that the executable generated by VC7.1 is more than 100% smaller than the executable from MinGW (150 Kb vs 440 Kb). It doesn’t bother me, but it keeps me wondering as to what some of the optimizations that VC7.1 is doing.

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