Closing Down The Main Website

Closing down the main website was a very difficult thing to do for me. I would really like to have left it there for people to surf. But I’m too busy to manage the website or update the content regularly. The main reasons I closed down the website were the following: spammers and hackers.


If you ever manage a website that is not only made out of static web pages, then you will have to worry about hackers and script kiddies trying to hack your website to possibly deface it or even gain root access to the server. It is all too sad that some people have nothing better to do then try and hack vulnerable scripts. I introduced the shoutbox to the site back in 2004. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Back then, I used to keep a very very close eye on my website’s logs. One day, I noticed something odd. It was someone trying to inject malicious code into the shoutbox script to try and gain access to the server. That was a really scary moment for me. I shut down the shoutbox and started doing research. Turns out the script I had been using had a very bad track record when it comes to security and exploits. I had to do something since the shoutbox proved to be a nice feature to the site. So I decided to rewrite my own shoutbox script. A week or so later, I was done. This experience was eye opening in the sense that if you are managing a website, you always have to keep look out for people trying to hack it. This can be very tiring.


I hate them more than anything. The guestbook was basically hijacked by spammers and they would post all of their crappy links. I had to go in and regularly delete everything. It is a pain. The same happened with the shoutbox. It ended up becoming a spambox!


So enough was enough and I had to shut down the website. I am thinking of something great to do with the website. A simple idea. But something that can benefit people in a lot of ways. And not just Haitians. I’m thinking. Give me some time or if you have an idea, post a comment.