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Why do people still use target=”_blank” for links? Why!? I hate it. It should be killed, put on fire and buried never to be used in a webpage ever again. It’s annoying to have a new window open without me wanting one to open. This is why my website is target=”_blank”-free.

Weekly Satire News 1

A satiric look at the week’s news. Top stories this week:

  • >> Dumarsais Siméus authorized to participate in Haitian Presidential elections
  • >> Aristide to be placed under heavy security
  • >> Saddam Hussein trial starts
  • >> Hurricane Wilma heading towards Florida


New Orleans: A Disaster

Looking at the footage from New Orleans, I can’t help but think one thing: it reminds me of the floodings in Haiti last year after hurricane Jeanne. The situation in New Orleans seriously looks like that of a third world country. The situation is no better than what happened in Haiti. Take a look at these pictures:

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Does it look familiar to New Orleans? Sure does to me, only difference is that the houses are smaller and the water is brown.

The majority of the population in New Orleans is black and the areas that are most affected by the flooding are poor quarters. Which gets me to my second point. I’ve heard conspiracies that what is going on in New Orleans is an ethnic cleansing. Think about it for a second. The snipers, the lack of help for the flood victims. New Orleans is a real mess right now. If the U.S. wanted to help them out, they could get everyone out of the city. But what is happening? It’s been almost 5 days now, and the situation is deteriorating. People don’t have anything to eat, people are dying, dead bodies are floating in the water.

My point is that not all that can be done to help New Orleans is being done. And when I watch TV, they make it look like it’s in another country, a third world country.

Hurricane Katrina

My last post had to do with hurricane Arlene which marked the start of the 2005 hurricane season. I went to Orlando during Arlene.

Here We Go Again

The hurricane season started last week, and Arlene is already upon us.

My (Poor) Health

A couple of weeks ago, I took at blood test at the University to have my cholesterol, glucose level and other things tested. Today I got the results in the mail. There was a scale from 0 to 100 and my score was 10, meaning “Caution, High Risk.” I started laughing because surely there was something. Well, turns out there was in deed something wrong. These weren’t my test results but the test results of someone who, in my opinion, isn’t doing very well health-wise. Oh well, I can’t wait to get my test results.

Living Longer

Some interesting ways to live longer. They listed oversleeping as one of the things that cause you to die younger. This is a problem for me because I constantly oversleep on days that I don’t have classes. Anyway, it’s an interesting article to read and click on the links for an explanation. But ever since I’ve been reading Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner, I’m starting to doubt any research I read because experts tend to exagerrate the facts so that they can get people’s attention. Also, I’m doubting conventional wisdom.


Today’s post is a complete waste of space and a complete waste of your time if you happen to be reading it. I just thought it’d be cool if I post an entry on 05/05/05.

Filing Taxes

This year is my first year filing taxes and, in the spirit of being a good American (I’m not American), I filed taxes 5 days before they are due. I haven’t sent the form yet, I’ll do that tomorrow, so technically, I filed taxes 4 days before they are due.

This reminds me of that “The Simpsons” episode where Homer noticed that taxes were due in a couple of hours, He filled everything up real quickly, tapped everything together in a ball-type shape. When it got to the IRS Center, his package accidentally fell in the place for extreme cases. You can kinda guess the rest. Homer gets in deep trouble with the IRS.

Mutant Strawberry

Yesterday, I went to Albertson’s and saw this strawberry:

A Mutant Strawberry

I get weirded out all the time by the food here in the U.S. I already blogged about the bread here.

I Hate This Weather

The weather here in Pensacola is weird. It’s like the sunnier it is, the colder it gets. What’s up with that?

Arghhh…Assurance De Merde!

For the non-French speaking people, the title is: “Arghhh…Shitty Insurance!”

Before coming to the US, I didn’t know what it meant to have a shitty health insurance. I feel like I’ve wasted my money in an insurance that is not willing to pay anything of what I have needed to so far.

Weird Bread

More than 6 weeks ago, I opened a bag of bread. I ate a couple of slices and went on a 2 week vacation. When I came back, to my surprise, there wasn’t any mold on the bread. I didn’t eat from it, but my sister thought it would be interesting to just leave it there to see if some mold shows up eventually. Well, it’s been 6 weeks and still no mold. Who knows what they’ve put in that bread and how genetically modified it is. I just don’t trust bread that hasn’t molded after weeks of just lying there.

I’m Electrifying!

I know what some might be thinking. This guy is so into himself and thinks he’s all that with the women, etc… No, not to deny that, but I mean “electrifying” in another sense.

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