Haitian Landmarks

Ok, so these aren’t all landmarks but rather widely known buildings in Haiti. If you lived in Haiti (Port-au-Prince), some of them sould be familiar to you.

New Orleans: A Disaster

Looking at the footage from New Orleans, I can’t help but think one thing: it reminds me of the floodings in Haiti last year after hurricane Jeanne. The situation in New Orleans seriously looks like that of a third world country. The situation is no better than what happened in Haiti. Take a look at these pictures:

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Does it look familiar to New Orleans? Sure does to me, only difference is that the houses are smaller and the water is brown.

The majority of the population in New Orleans is black and the areas that are most affected by the flooding are poor quarters. Which gets me to my second point. I’ve heard conspiracies that what is going on in New Orleans is an ethnic cleansing. Think about it for a second. The snipers, the lack of help for the flood victims. New Orleans is a real mess right now. If the U.S. wanted to help them out, they could get everyone out of the city. But what is happening? It’s been almost 5 days now, and the situation is deteriorating. People don’t have anything to eat, people are dying, dead bodies are floating in the water.

My point is that not all that can be done to help New Orleans is being done. And when I watch TV, they make it look like it’s in another country, a third world country.

Crime In Haiti

I need everyone’s opinion on this question. What do you think causes crime in Haiti?

Please leave a comment.

Going Back To Haiti?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what I was going to do after I graduate. This got me to do a little thinking.

Things Are Hot In Haiti

Unfortunately, things have been very hot in Haiti these past weeks. My mom has been in numorous shootings and “kouri”, and now my sister has witnessed shootings today.

Google Maps

Google introduced Google Maps a couple of weeks ago. It was sleek and fast. Recently, they added a satellite view to Google Maps, which is extremely cool. Someone even took the time of linking to some of the most popular places.

Anyway, here is Port-au-Prince, Haiti. That long strip in the top right corner is the airport. Something I’ve noticed is that there are more clouds over the Dominican Republic than there are over Haiti, that seems weird, but it might just because of that day. This isn’t a live view afterall.

I’m Running For President

There are 85 candidates for Haiti’s Presidential elections. Eighty-five! It’s so many that it’s absurd and ridiculous. How can they expect the population to choose between 85 candidates, let alone get informed on the agenda of each one of them. I wouldn’t want to be the one designing the ballot or should I say booklot (book + ballot = booklot, get it?). Even if they put 9 candidates per page, it’ll be almost a 10 page ballot! I hope that the government does some kind of filtering because I’m sure that 90% of the candidates are unknown no-names.