Why I Switched To Gmail from Hotmail?

The first ever email account I owned was from Hotmail. I’m not exactly sure when I opened it, but it was around the year 2000. All I remember is that I received a lot of spam and my inbox was always full. The spam got so bad that I opened a new Hotmail account in hopes of running away from the spam. Within 2 hours of having created the new account, I received spam. I didn’t even have the time to give my new email to any of my friends and family. Furthermore, the 2 MB limit was a real pain. But I put up with all that crap until June 2004 when I managed to get a Gmail invite back when it was still hard to get one. Finally, I had more space available for my inbox that I could actually use. I switched to Gmail.

So what did Microsoft do after Gmail lauched? They scrambled and upped the space limit for Hotmail accounts to 250 MB. But I still wouldn’t switch back to Hotmail. All these years I suffered with a 2 MB inbox and now all of a sudden, because a competitor comes and blows the pants off their service, I’m supposed to feel like they’re doing anything better? Another thing Microsoft did was redesign Hotmail to give it an Outlook type look and functionality. I signed up for beta testing Windows Live Mail because I was bored with the old Hotmail interface. So how’s Windows Live Mail? It’s not so great. I mean, sure it’s better than Hotmail, but it doesn’t feel finished. Where Gmail seems very slick and well-done, Windows Live Mail seems half-assed. Look at this screenshot:

I’ve been getting this all day and I’m unable to access my Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) account all day. Good thing I don’t get any critical email sent there.

Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta: A Piece Of Crap

On Thursday I received a beta invitation to Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta (aka MSN Messenger 8.0 Beta). At first I was excited about trying it out but I uninstalled it after 3 days.

A Look At XULRunner And Songbird

About 2 weeks ago I found out about Songbird, a media-player that is suppose to be “the last media player ever” (I’m assuming that because it will be so good, we won’t need any other media player). Songbird is written in XUL which is a user interface markup language also used by Firefox and Thunderbird. The interesting thing about XUL is that it looks like HTML. So anyone who is familiar with HTML can look at the XUL tags and kinda know what to do.

Google Fusion

Yesterday, Google unveiled a new feature named “Google Personalized Homepage” or Google Fusion.

Google Maps

Google introduced Google Maps a couple of weeks ago. It was sleek and fast. Recently, they added a satellite view to Google Maps, which is extremely cool. Someone even took the time of linking to some of the most popular places.

Anyway, here is Port-au-Prince, Haiti. That long strip in the top right corner is the airport. Something I’ve noticed is that there are more clouds over the Dominican Republic than there are over Haiti, that seems weird, but it might just because of that day. This isn’t a live view afterall.

Gmail Now Has 2 GB+

When Gmail announced yesterday that they were adding 2 GB, they added a nifty counter on the homepage. That counter keeps on going even thought it passed the 2 GB. This is in sync with what Georges Harik told CNET on Thursday. I took a peek at the JavaScript code for the counter, and found out that the quota is increased by 1 MB every 24,912 seconds or every 6 hours 55 minutes and 12 seconds. The next milestone, 2075 MB, will happen on Saturday, April 9th 2005, 16:00:00 (GMT). If the quota keeps increasing at that rate, we should reach 3000 MB in about 23,666,400 seconds which corresponds to Sunday, January 1st 2006, 9:00:00 (GMT) :).


Google added a little project to their labs today: GoogleX. I think it’s pretty cool and doesn’t use that much JavaScript. I think Google should one day make something like that the default since they’ve managed to cram in 11 links, compared to the 7 links that are on the Google homepage now. But I doubt they’ll ever put this on the homepage, Apple would probably sue :). But Apple’s patents might only extend to operating systems and applications and not web applications. Also, instead of having the user taken to another page when they click on an icon, they could make the changes dynamic in the page (e.g. change the action of the search button to match a different type of query).

Update: Google removed GoogleX without any notice or explanation. I’m assuming Apple asked them to remove it. This is the behavior I can’t stand from Apple. They always have to be party poopers. Lighten up for once.

Introducing Pix PMS

For the past weeks, I’ve been writing my own gallery script, which I tentatively named Pix Picture Management Software or Pix PMS (my slogan is Pix PMS — Gallery script with an attitude — get it? PMS? Attitude?).

Gmail Update

This morning I noticed that Gmail had blessed me with 50 invites to give out. It’s the first time I’ve gotten so many invites, I don’t remember ever getting more than 10 invites to give out. They also made it easier to send out invites which is why I think they might go public with it soon. But if you think about it, before Gmail goes public, they need to make an HTML only version. So if anyone wants an invite, just comment to this entry.


For a long time, I had been getting hi5 invitations. I never bothered to sign up. After I noticed that a lot of my friends were sending me invitations, I decided to sign up.