MSDNAA seems to be the best kept secret in the Computer Science Department at my university because it’s been almost 3 years and I’ve found out about it just now. I think I know why too. The sys-admin has to manually burn each CD (yes, I said CD, not DVD). Windows Vista, which I will be getting through MSDNAA through my university, comes on a whopping 5 CDs. They need to setup a server with the ISO so that we can download and burn them ourselves.

You Know That Feeling

It’s a feeling where you mind is blank (or full) and you don’t feel like writing a paper that is due tomorrow and that the teacher assigned 2 weeks ago. This is the zillionth time it’s happening to me, and everytime I keep telling myself “that it’s the last time I’m slacking like this.” Next thing you know, another paper is due and you haven’t done shit during the last weeks. Yup, happened again to me today.

History Teacher’s Joke

If Thomas Newcomen lived to see James Watt’s improvements on the steam engine he would go “Say what!!!”

Sad, huh? Nobody in the class laughed. I wanted to laugh, only because I think the joke was really bad, but I was worried about being dragged in the streets and hung by the other students.

Lots Of Tutoring

I’m the grader/tutor for a programming course at my university and I had more students come see me today than I had students come see me during the whole last semester. About 9 students came to see me and all I could think of was: “Holy cow, how am I going to manage this?”