Runaway Bride

If you’ve watched the news this past week, then you’ve probably heard the story of Jennifer Wilbanks.

The Ashley Simpson Show

Is it me, or does Ashley’s butt crack show up a lot on her show? I’ve seen it on at least 4 distinct occasions.

Viacom Inc.

The only channels on television that I watch are MTV, BET, VH1 and Comedy Central. It was some scary shit when in my English Composition I class I found out that all of these TV channels were owned by Viacom Inc.

I don’t know anything about Viacom Inc. but if they wanted to brain wash people, I’d be the perfect candidate.

The Surreal Life

Since I didn’t have much to do yesterday night, I decided to watch the surreal life after a friend of mine notified me that the season premier was airing on VH1. I watched part of the last season and found the show to be very retarded and absurd. Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time.