Dell Inspiron 4000: R.I.P. 2001-2005

Early morning on December 31st 2005, my sister woke me up with these words: “Marvin, I screwed up big time.” When I looked at the screen, it was black and numerous hard drive failure warnings were printed on-screen. So I turned it off and asked her what she did to it. She had spilled water on it by mistake while trying to shut it down. I removed all of the modular parts (battery, DVD drive, wireless adapter…). Water was coming out of everywhere. So we let it sit a while and then we took it to BestBuy to have them dry it. The guy sprayed stuff and then tried turning it on. Nothing. So we returned home and let it dry for a day. I tried it again the next day. Nothing. Long story short, my laptop is dead. It served me well for over four and a half years. I upgraded the hardware on two occasions. I went from a 10 GB hard drive to a faster 40 GB one. I upgraded the system memory from 128 MB to 320 MB. I also went from Windows Me to Windows XP Professional.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t get mad. This is coming from someone who used to yell on people just for moving my precious laptop. It was precious to me because I paid a whole lotta money for it at the time. I liked it a lot. Anyway, here’s to my laptop that I could never live without. You will be missed.

Dell Inspiron 4000: R.I.P. 2001–2005

XULRunner, etc…

In the past 24 hours, I filed my first XULRunner bug, installed Cygwin with some basic GNU tools (CVS, make, …), upgraded my MinGW installation to something more recent because of an old windres version, downloaded the XULRunner source code using CVS and started building XULRunner.

A Look At XULRunner And Songbird

About 2 weeks ago I found out about Songbird, a media-player that is suppose to be “the last media player ever” (I’m assuming that because it will be so good, we won’t need any other media player). Songbird is written in XUL which is a user interface markup language also used by Firefox and Thunderbird. The interesting thing about XUL is that it looks like HTML. So anyone who is familiar with HTML can look at the XUL tags and kinda know what to do.

Haitian Landmarks

Ok, so these aren’t all landmarks but rather widely known buildings in Haiti. If you lived in Haiti (Port-au-Prince), some of them sould be familiar to you.


I’m a big South Park fan and watch it all the time. Tonight’s South Park was making fun at Scientology.

Kill target=”_blank”

Why do people still use target=”_blank” for links? Why!? I hate it. It should be killed, put on fire and buried never to be used in a webpage ever again. It’s annoying to have a new window open without me wanting one to open. This is why my website is target=”_blank”-free.

Weekly Satire News 1

A satiric look at the week’s news. Top stories this week:

  • >> Dumarsais Siméus authorized to participate in Haitian Presidential elections
  • >> Aristide to be placed under heavy security
  • >> Saddam Hussein trial starts
  • >> Hurricane Wilma heading towards Florida



Lately a lot of my time has been dedicated to one thing: programming. But it started 4 years ago…

C++ Tip: Forward Declaration

Yesterday I managed to solve something that was bugging me for some time now in my project. I thought it couldn’t be done in C++.

I Hate Compilers

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my Windowing classes that I’m writing in order to more easily write Win32 apps. I’ve restarted the project only once since I wrote the last entry.

New Orleans: A Disaster

Looking at the footage from New Orleans, I can’t help but think one thing: it reminds me of the floodings in Haiti last year after hurricane Jeanne. The situation in New Orleans seriously looks like that of a third world country. The situation is no better than what happened in Haiti. Take a look at these pictures:

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Gonaive, Haiti. September 2004.

Does it look familiar to New Orleans? Sure does to me, only difference is that the houses are smaller and the water is brown.

The majority of the population in New Orleans is black and the areas that are most affected by the flooding are poor quarters. Which gets me to my second point. I’ve heard conspiracies that what is going on in New Orleans is an ethnic cleansing. Think about it for a second. The snipers, the lack of help for the flood victims. New Orleans is a real mess right now. If the U.S. wanted to help them out, they could get everyone out of the city. But what is happening? It’s been almost 5 days now, and the situation is deteriorating. People don’t have anything to eat, people are dying, dead bodies are floating in the water.

My point is that not all that can be done to help New Orleans is being done. And when I watch TV, they make it look like it’s in another country, a third world country.

C++ Windowing Class

I’m going to hate myself for even writing about this because I’ll probably abandon this project soon. I’ll most likely lose interest in it like most of my projects. But here goes.

Hurricane Katrina

My last post had to do with hurricane Arlene which marked the start of the 2005 hurricane season. I went to Orlando during Arlene.

Here We Go Again

The hurricane season started last week, and Arlene is already upon us.

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